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Review: Vanessa Hudgens – Identified

Posted in Reviews with tags , on June 28, 2008 by thearmoredstereo

After the enviable success of her post-High School Musical projects, it’s safe to say that Vanessa Hudgens doesn’t need to make much noise to get attention. The fans she’s gained over the years lie in wait for her to speak- hoping for something new that they’ll enjoy as much as they did the last. And Identified is not that.

Hudgens’ sophomore effort is noticeably energetic and G-rated. But, even more so, it’s bland, confused, and far too easy to walk away from.

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Artist Update: Vanessa Hudgens’ Identified Preview

Posted in Artist Updates with tags , on June 23, 2008 by thearmoredstereo

Vanessa Hudgens‘ sophomore album, Identified, has recently been made available for preview and, after hearing it, I am not excited for this record. It sounds like a disaster.

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Artist Update: Vanessa Hudgens’ Identified = Sophisticated Funk?

Posted in Artist Updates with tags , on May 30, 2008 by thearmoredstereo

As July 1st approaches, Vanessa Hudgens‘ sophomore album, Identified, is almost ready to be released to her fans that are anxiously waiting to hear some new material from her. Her debut album, V, dropped in the late summer of 2006, spawning two singles, with one of them, “Say OK”, making it to the #64 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. With Identified, Vanessa claims to be bringing a more mature, “sophisticated,” album that will be “funky” as well as “fun.”

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