Review: Keri Hilson – In A Perfect World..

From the refreshing sound of Keri Hilson’s earnestly pleasant and surprisingly versatile vocals, to its insistently lavish production quality, In A Perfect World… is an album that should guarantee Keri Hilson a seat in the running for R&B’s top female. Never failing to entertain, every track on this album meets the qualifications for being dubbed ‘hot,’ with most going above and beyond.

In A Perfect World…‘s production never lets up— “Get Your Money Up” and “Turnin’ Me On” are blazing and ready to take over the club, while numbers like “Knock You Down” and “Alienated” are more relaxed, but just as entertaining. Every beat is layered with hyperactive drum patterns that never fall flat, and this doesn’t come as a surprise since every track has credits from the likes of Danja, Timbaland, and Polow da Don.

It should be noted that Ms Hilson has heavy writing credits throughout the album, but that’s just the icing on the cake— Keri could hum the alphabet over these beats and they would still be worth listening to.In fact, most voices would get lost somewhere between In A Perfect World…‘s bone crushing bass and frantic hi-hats, but Keri’s voice soars over every song— This is possibly her biggest advantage over her competition.

A simple side by side comparison of Keri Hilson and Keyshia Cole’s verses on “Get Your Money Up” makes Keri’s superiority over her most immediate competitors obvious: Keri opens and closes the track with a bullet-proof attitude that accentuates the track’s hip-rocking arrangement, while Keyshia struggles to sound strong and keep her voice from being upstaged by the track’s busy arrangement.

But as I mentioned before, not every song on In A Perfect World… is hard-hitting. Tracks like “Intuition“, “Knock You Down“, and “Alienated” are unexpectedly smooth, sweet, and unique— with a special thank you to “Intuition” for giving Timbaland a chance to show off his more quirky, creative side.

Noticeably absent from this record are the clichéd, condescending, uplifting ballads that plague the last few yards of most R&B albums. Instead, Keri makes the smart choice to replace them with sultry slow jams that show her voice off without compromising In A Perfect World…‘s alluring swagger— But this comes as no surprise seeing as In A Perfect World… is the product of an endless string of intelligent choices.


KEEPERS: “Turnin’ Me On”, “Get Your Money Up”, “Return The Favor”, “Knock You Down”, “Slow Dance”, “Intuition”, “Alienated”, “Energy”


2 Responses to “Review: Keri Hilson – In A Perfect World..”

  1. То что бредомысли это точно 🙂
    Видно настиг творческий кризис. Мысле нет о чем писать 🙂

  2. Оценка 5, базару ноль

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