Review: Kerli – Love Is Dead

Love Is Dead is a debut effort full of imaginative melodies and interesting lyrics that allow Kerli‘s unique character and charisma to come through at full blast. And if the haunting picture on the album jacket doesn’t grab your attention, rest assured that the songs on the album will.

Though in a class of her own, Kerli is destined to attract comparisons to Björk; most obviously, because of their similar accents, but also because both artists have things to offer that are truly unique and won’t leave you dissapointed.

Walking On Air“, which is the album’s first single, is a fitting demonstration of just how wide the emotional scope of Love Is Dead is.

Eerie verses that talk of a “little creepy girl” living in a creepy universe transition to a chorus made up of inspirational lyrics, urging one to follow their dreams. This kind of polarity is what makes Love Is Dead such an interesting record, but, moreover, makes Kerli such an interesting lyricist.

“I’ll keep walking when skies are grey / Whatever happens was meant that way”

It’s easy to believe that these songs are remnants of past stages in her life, as well as enticing accounts of sitiuations she is currently facing.

The emotion that is so present in Kerli’s vocals is equally matched in her lyrics when she reminds a lover that she’s not bulletproof or even when she sings of a beautiful day in which the sun shines bright and everything she’s dreamed of is in her grasp. And, with a debut this strong, Kerli may have countless beautiful days ahead of her.


KEEPERS: “Love Is Dead”, “Walking On Air”, “The Creationist”, “I Want Nothing”, “Up Up Up”, “Bulletproof”, “Beautiful Day”, “Hurt Me”, “Butterfly Cry”, “Strange Boy”, “Fragile”


2 Responses to “Review: Kerli – Love Is Dead”

  1. Ben Schroeder Says:

    Great review. This album is one of my favorites. I really can’t wait to hear more from Kerli!

  2. i love u so much i looked 4 it every where!tnx a million

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