Review: Keri Hilson – Energy (Single)

Keri Hilson‘s story is similar to that of The-Dream and Sean Garrett. For years, she has been behind the scenes writing hits for artists other than herself: Chingy, Britney Spears, Ciara, but she is finally on her way to stepping out and getting her own chance to hog the spotlight.

Ironically, on her debut single, “Energy,” Keri had no role in the creation of the track and has left all of the heavy-lifting to the Runawayz. It irks me that someone capable of doing for themselve is having other people work for them, but the song is good, regardless, so, I forgive.

“Energy” isn’t life changing, but it’s a sweet mid-tempo that seems to be just shy of being a chart-topper. The heavy synths and emotional lyrics are there, and Keri’s voice is on point, as usual, but the song sounds a bit hollow; all fingers pointing toward the instrumental bridge.




One Response to “Review: Keri Hilson – Energy (Single)”

  1. i loved this song from when i first heard it and have played it a million times since then, lol. i hope it does well for her.

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