Review: Nas – Hero (Single)

I have been in wild opposition of Nas‘ recent agenda, which is, ultimately, using racial tension as a tool to gain some extra publicity. Even if he is trying to bring a change, he is going about it in a way that I would call too forward.

He attempted to title his ninth studio album “Nigger”, like the word has some kind of value to him. If racism is such a heavy issue to Nas, you think he’d be a bit more sensitive in choosing his words. There’s a point where being anti-censorship hurts his “cause.”

He even uses the word a few times on, “Hero,” the, Polow Da Don produced, first single off his new album, which is strong enough to make me put aside my distaste for his choices, if only for the four minutes this track runs for.

“Hero” is basically Nas’ declaration of his journey from “train robbing, face covered in stocking,” to being a hero. Hip-Hop’s hero, to be exact.

Any time not taken by Nas talking himself up is spent listening to him equate his success with wealth, and tell about some difficult experiences from his youth. 

The lyrical content is there, though less than what Nas is capable of, and it’s nice to see something with more intelligence than, Lil Wayne’s, “Lollipop” placed over a beat that is solid enough to take Nas to the top of the charts. The Keri Hilson feature will help too.


KEEPER: “Hero”


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