Artist Update: Ashanti’s Wal-Mart Soundcheck

Ashanti‘s fourth studio album, The Declaration, proved not to be a contender in the battle for album of the year, or month, but her Wal-Mart Soundcheck reminds us, that while she may not have released the best album she could, Ashanti is still a strong performer.

She takes to the stage like we’ve always known her to and delivers thirst quenching performances of “You’re Gonna Miss“, “The Way That I Love You“, “Girlfriend“, and two classics: “Foolish” and “Only U“.

In These Streets” is performed, as well, but I wasn’t a fan of that song when I heard it on the album, and I can’t say I like it more live.

So, if you’re the least bit interested in Ashanti, it’s worth a watch. She even does a little interview and talks a bit about the album, along with her acting career, and, basically, the job of being Ashanti.

Watch It Here


2 Responses to “Artist Update: Ashanti’s Wal-Mart Soundcheck”

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