Review: Sean Garrett – Turbo 919

 After spending years behind the curtain, producing hits for artists like Chris Brown, Ciara, and Beyoncé, Sean Garrett finally decided it was time to release his own album, Turbo 919

It features the strong production skills that Garrett has displayed time and time again on the chart-toppers he’s made for other artists and is full of songs that are perfect for the club or a summer afternoon.

Turbo 919 is littered with club burning beats and smooth melodies that are just begging to be heard. The dance tracks really hit hard, sporting some of the most innovative and, sometimes, chaotic arrangements to be featured on an R&B album in years, making songs like “Turbo 919“, “What You Doin’ With That“, and “6 In The Morning” perfect for the radio and the club. Even the mid-tempos keep the good sounds coming with their solid grooves and sparkling arrangements, bringing artists like Akon and Lil Wayne in for some well-placed guest appearances. However, the slower songs aren’t near being as consistent as the up-tempo cuts, but, luckily, these let downs don’t come around until the end of the album.

Grippin’” and “Why” sound like child’s play when following tracks as strong as “Girlfriend Ringtones” and “Come On In“. With uninspired melodies and weak hooks, they fade into the background without leaving a remnant of their existence behind. 

Even a guest verse from Pharell can’t save “Patron” from being bland, inconsistent, and forgettable.

In the end, Turbo 919 would have been a near flawless record if it had cut itself off at ten tracks instead of stretching out to make fourteen. The tail end of the album feels like nothing more than a bombardment of sub-par bonus tracks, and leaves me wondering why Garrett didn’t just leave them off. All these songs did was drag the album down, preventing it from being the amazing record it could have been.


KEEPERS: “What You Doin’ With That”, “Come On In”, “Girlfriend Ringtones”, “Turbo 919”, “Lay Up Under Me”, “On The Hood”, “In The Morning”


2 Responses to “Review: Sean Garrett – Turbo 919”

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  2. Thanks for the fair review… Lay up under me is my personal favorite.

    Keep it up Sean Garrett, Better one next time around.

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