Promoting: Hilary McRae

Hilary McRae’s debut album, Through These Wallsis available now!  Released by Hear Music, this record showcases McRae’s soulful smoky voice along with her piano skills and seasoned songwriting abilities.  She’s backed by a powerful set of horns that were arranged by Charlie Calello, who has arranged music for legends such as Frank Sinatra and Bruce Springsteen.  At 21 years old, McRae shines wise beyond her years as she draws upon past relationships and heartbreak to help craft many the messages behind the twelve songs on the record.   With upbeat tracks like the lead single “Every Day (When Will You Be Mine)” to the smooth and sultry “Let’s Stop,” Through These Walls is a record with something for everyone to enjoy.   

There isn’t much to say about Hilary McRae aside from the fact that her voice is soulful, her lyrics are heartfelt, and her melodies have the power of Gavin Degraw’s with hooks that could compete with Sara Bareilles’. I won’t personally recommend Through These Walls until I have listened to it in full and reviewed it, but you can get a taste of her for yourself by using the links below.


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