Review: Lindsay Lohan – Bossy (Single)

Lindsay Lohan, the actress, has been having career troubles lately. Her last hit, Herbie: Fully Loaded, is three years old and she’s released seven box office failures since then. Things just weren’t looking up for her in the world of thespians, so it’s only natural that she’d turn to her backup career, music, for help.

Her first two albums sold relatively well; with her debut, Speak, managing to reach the #4 spot on the Billboard 200 charts. Mostly, thanks to the assortment of infectious pop songs it had to offer. It wasn’t perfect, but I wasn’t ashamed to listen to it, and, apparently, neither were most of you.

Both records got mixed reviews, but they brought in the cash, which I’m sure was the larger concern of the two.

It isn’t like Lindsay is a true musician, but I can say the exact same for the vast majority of artists ruling the charts these days. So, with the dwindling fame from her movies that people actually watched, and the success of her first two musical endeavors, being upheld with the ‘Rihanna’s and ‘Britney’s of today could be a realistic goal for her; only not with a song like “Bossy“.

“Stop touching me without permission”

Lindsay enters the track with her husky voice buried under layers of the beat, but delivers with the right attitude; giving me hope for the rest of “Bossy”.  I was ready to be impressed. The whole “boss with ease” persona seemed to suit her and she worked with some great producers, but, in the end, it’s the track lets her down, not her vocals.

I refuse to believe that Stargate nor Ne-Yo had anything to do with this song. The lyrics are cheap from the end of the first line on, and the melody is repetitive and dry.

It seems like Lindsay did the best she could with what was handed to her. After all, she was working with Ne-Yo and Stargate. The song had to be a hit, right?

It’s hard for me to assume she knew better than to release this as our first impression of her upcoming record. The idea was good, and Lindsay definitely had the vibe down, but it just didn’t come together in a way that will impress, please, or help Lindsay, the singer, to be taken seriously.




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