Review: Blake Lewis – How Many Words (Single)

Blake Lewis hasn’t done anything worthwhile since losing out to Jordin Sparks on the sixth season of American Idol. His debut album, Audio Day Dream, entered the Billboard 200 at #10, but made a swift decline into obscurity; garnering a luke-warm reception from critics and failing to leave any kind of impression on the Hot 100 chart.

I’ve always blamed the failure of Audio Day Dream on the choice to release “Break Anotha” as the first single. Even though the song received a positive response from critics, I thought it was boring and noisy, and that was not a pleasant combination. Fortunately, Blake decided that he would release one of the good songs off his album next and, hopefully, “How Many Words” will find the success that was once expected of “Break Anotha”.

This 80’s influenced synth-pop ballad traps Blake’s voice in a rather limited range, but still keeps things interesting by bringing in some unexpected harmonies and allowing Lewis to throw some of his signature beat boxing into the mix. The lyrics are a bit elementary, but get the job done, and are sure to get by without disappointing the pop market, which has come to expect very little from lyricists, in general.

I’m not sure if this track is top ten material, but it is certainly one of the better tracks on Audio Day Dream and deserves a chance to be on the radio.

PS: The remixes are worthless. Just go buy the album version.


KEEPERS: “How Many Words”


3 Responses to “Review: Blake Lewis – How Many Words (Single)”

  1. great site, i love reading music reviews so i know which tracks/albums to check out. i’ve subscribed to you in my feed reader. keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! I hope to hear more from you.

  3. fairratings Says:

    Great review.
    You are exactly right. If Clive Davis did not force him to release Break Anotha as his first single, and instead released a track like “Gots to Get Her,” “Whatcha got 2 Lose,” or “Know My Name,” Blake would have been at a different pace right now.
    In fact, Blake did not want to release Break Anotha and thought “It’s not the song,” but stupid Clive screwed him up.
    And How Many Words did do well. well, compared to Break Anotha.
    It was on Top 40 Radio.

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