Promoting: Atozzio

With his signing to EMI in December, being recruited by Senior Vice President Big John Platt, there after signing an artist deal in January with super-producer Rodney Jerkins to his Darkchild imprint, this looks to be a very promising year for Atozzio! By industry-insiders he’s been crowned “Mr. Kyptonite” which is planned to be Mario’s second single!With his clutch deliver of pen and melody Atozzio is becoming that “go to” writer, having many other singles scheduled for release this year!!! Since moving to Atlanta Atozzio has written for One Chance, ATL, Keke Palmer, Chris Brown, Event, Bayje, Just A Girl, Mario, Jennifer Hudson, Menudo, Nephu, Sammie, and many more! Atozzio has also worked with producers Oak, Maddscientist, Dr. Dre, Capo, Rodney Jerkins, SoulShock& Karlin, Underdogs, Eric Hudson, Younglord, Jay Wes, many others! Inclosing Atozzio seem to be the breathe of fresh air the industry has been waiting for!!!! (Myspace)

I’ve really been into Atozzio lately. All of his songs have huge potential and really hit the spot when I’m in the mood for some good R&B. His tracks are all very different from each other, thanks to the wide array of producers he has worked with, but they are all brought together by his distinctive, husky, yet lightweight, vocals.

What do you think of him? Are you a fan now? Were you already one?


3 Responses to “Promoting: Atozzio”

  1. I agree with you, regarding Atozzio putting out a lot of good songs. I’ve got a good playlist going on and it’s on heavy rotation. If you want it, I’m willing to share. I m missing a 2 songs though. Hopefully he will get the recognition he deserves.

  2. I’d love it if you’d share those songs with me! Thanks for the feedback.

  3. No problem. I will upload to a site and send you the link with the email you provided on the site. I should have it done before the end of the week.

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