Review: Jay Sean – My Own Way

My Own Way proves to be a first-class release from, UK singer, Jay Sean. And with the help of intelligent writing, strong production, and Jay Sean’s crystal clear voice; flawed tracks are few and far between on this album. Some miss the mark by an inch, but a majority of My Own Way has potential to impact the charts in a heavy way. Or, at least, provide us with another great Pop album to listen to.

I had lost interest in this album after its release date was rescheduled for the umpteenth time; I simply decided this record wasn’t worth the stress and that it would never see the light of day. But I stumbled upon it and, out of curiosity, decided to give it a listen, and I was so glad I did.

My Own Way is the kind of album that will never collect dust. It doesn’t rely on trendy gimmicks to give its songs mass appeal and has a song for just about every occasion, in terms of romantic relationships. The thematic elements of this record range from feeling suffocated by our significant other (“Runaway“) to speaking out against prejudice against interracial couples (“Good Enough“). And while this turns My Own Way into an all-purpose collection of pop tunes that are bound to catch the listener’s ear, it sacrifices any chance of it having a specific tone or mood.

But, even though it lacks any sense of direction, My Own Way is undeniably consistent. Some tracks have unforgivably cheap lyrics (“I Won’t Tell“), with shoddy production jobs to match, but are extremely rare and easily forgotten. Especially when this album is showering us with epic mid-tempos (“Stay“) and infectious R&B tunes (“Murder“).

With My Own Way, Jay Sean delivered in a way I was not expecting him to and stretched his voice out across one of the strongest pop albums of the year, so far. It doesn’t sport any innovative ideas, but this album is successful at putting Jay Sean’s influence upon classic song elements.


KEEPERS: “Ride It”, “Maybe”, “Stay”, “Stuck In The Middle”, “Good Enough”, “Cry”, “Runaway”, “Waiting”, “Used To Love Her”,  “Just A Friend”, “Murder”


4 Responses to “Review: Jay Sean – My Own Way”

  1. jay sean is sxc i luv im a lot marry me jay sean

  2. my own way was the best albulm i’ve ever brought!
    from his biggest fan renu

  3. jayded soulja n.a.v Says:

    Well wat to say?? “My Own Way” is a success. Jay Sean, his recording company, producers, did a wonderful job. Diz Album’s gon’ bring Jay Sean mo awards I think so. Rock On Jay. U r a Genious. I hope i’ll meet u someday. Peace Homie 🙂

  4. am love jay sean

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