Review: Tiffany Evans – Tiffany Evans

Tiffany Evans stepped onto the scene during May of last year with “Promise Ring“. Its cute lyrics and Ciara feature were responsible for the modest success that her debut single received; letting it enjoy the #66 spot on Billboard’s R&B charts and setting a firm foundation for the rest of the album to be built upon. And that foundation was used during the construction of Tiffany Evans, but the end result was crooked, lifeless, and void of any personality. Ms Evans has an impressive voice for a fifteen year old, but being young doesn’t garner much credit since Jojo proved that you can be in junior high and still go platinum. This record needed more than a good voice to make it work, but Tiffany’s maturing vocals were all it had on its side.

Most of Tiffany Evans falls flat; never quite living up to the youthful energy of “Promise Ring”. The two tracks following her first single, “I’m Grown” and “Impossible“, work hard to keep the tempo up, but only bring in an early onset of boredom. These failed teenage anthems sound like the songs that Disney couldn’t get Keke Palmer to sing, because she knows better than to sing songs as cheap as these. The lyrics are tacky, preachy, and contain no poetic value, just like the rest of the writing on Tiffany Evans. The album is merciless as it continues spit trite accusations and faux words of wisdom left and right, until “Girl Gone Wild” steps in to save the day.

“You’re the private school girl with your skirt rolled up/Showing off what you ain’t even got yet”, she sings over an infections Clutch production on Tiffany Evans‘ saving grace. It’s one of the many songs containing a message on this album, but, this time it actually feels like she’s speaking her mind. It finally sounds like Tiffany truly believes what she’s saying. And it gives “Girl Gone Wild” the edge that “Impossible” and “Angels on Earth” wish they had.¬†

I wished I could have enjoyed this album, but it just can’t be helped that Tiffany Evans is nothing more than a collection of mundane mid-tempos that contain little-to-no lyrical maturity. Even tracks as strong as “Girl Gone Wild” and “Promise Ring” struggle to stay alive on one of the dullest albums of the year.


KEEPERS: “Promise Ring”, “Girl Gone Wild”


4 Responses to “Review: Tiffany Evans – Tiffany Evans”

  1. krazyche3to Says:

    Promise Rings, and Girl Gone Wild are def the best tracks!

    But, I did also like About A Boy, Can’t Walk Away and I’m Grown (minus Bow Wow’s part)

    Lay Back & Chill is the shittest production I’ve heard in years, it’s a total mess along with the other church-inspired tracks (Angels On Earth).. Trying to be a total diva in her teens I believe..

  2. krazyche3to Says:


  3. Yeah, I’ve got Girl Gone Wild on a heavy rotation right now. I listen to it a lot. I just love the way she sounds on it, but I’m not so sure about About A Boy, Can’t Walk Away, and I’m Grown. A couple of those tracks are okay, but they’re just so boring to me.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Well that’s my Bestfriend and I believe that all her songs are great

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