Review: Chris Sligh – Running Back To You

Running Back To You is Chris Sligh‘s debut album and was released on May 6, 2008. It is distributed by Brash Music and was produced by Brown Bannister; a well-respected CCM producer.

It isn’t every day that an American Idol alum releases a Christian album, so I was a little surprised when I listened to Running Back To You. I was expecting an album full of empty love songs, but, upon listening, my expectations became irrelevant. Every track on this record is a quality, though generic, production and is destined to find premiere positioning on the playlists of many Christian radio stations.

Running Back To You is a worthy release that will help Sligh find a spot in the pool of CCM artists that came before him; Jeremy Camp, The Afters, Aaron Shust. However, its spiritual rock tunes have little-to-no crossover appeal toward the secular market. At best, songs like “Empty Me” and “I’m Clean” will be off-putting to non-Christians. They don’t invite you to worship Jesus; they just assume that you were already interested in doing so. And even if this album did somehow get the attention of the Top 40 crowd, it would appear flat and even more basic than it does within the security of the CCM market.

The songs on Running Back To You are solid efforts, but fail to have any type of personality or distinction. We’ve heard them all before. And they were sung by more attractive faces with less clichéd points of view.


KEEPERS: “Arise”, “Cry Tonight”, “Something Beautiful”, “Potential”, “Loaded Gun”, “Love Is Raining Down”

What do you think about this album? Do you agree with this review?


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