Review: Jessi Malay – Cinematic (Single)

Cinematic is actually Jessi Malay’s second single from her yet-to-be-titled album that should be dropping this summer, but I understand the general public’s being unaware of this since her first single, “Booty Bangs”, which featured Yung Joc, failed to make any kind of impact at all.

It was a sexy, low-key, club banger about how awesome she was. And it was nothing like the mess of a pop song that “Cinematic” is.

The beat is noisy enough by itself, and Jessi Malay shouting slutty lyrics over it doesn’t help smooth anything out. At some points, her, usually pleasant, vocals even clash with the instrumental that lies beneath; cluttered with restless hi-hats, an annoying bouncing synth, and some random noises by a group of men.

I’m not pleased at all with this single. If “Booty Bangs” didn’t get her any attention, I don’t know what makes her think this mess will.



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