Artist Update: There Is Hope For Usher

Usher had me worried for a minute. “Love In This Club” was cool, but everything that leaked sounded tired. I was really starting to lose faith in him and any interest in his new album, but, finally, the clouds have parted.

This newly leaked track “Trading Places“, which is produced by Tricky Stewart and written by The-Dream, is a sexy slow-jam and Usher sings it well. The beat is hot, the vocals are smooth; this is Usher! It took him long enough.

Get the link after the jump…

Click Here To Download

What do you think of the song? Love it? Hate it?


6 Responses to “Artist Update: There Is Hope For Usher”

  1. krazyche3to Says:

    There’s no link (??)

  2. thearmoredstereo Says:

    Yes there is. Click on the link and scroll down to where it says “Usher” on the downloads page.

  3. thearmoredstereo Says:

    Sorry I didn’t make that more clear.

  4. krazyche3to Says:

    Yeah, that’s better. 🙂 I missed it because it blends in – but it’s better now.

  5. krazyche3to Says:

    Btw, this Usher song sucks – for right now, it might grow on me because I love anything The-Dream works on.. but this sounds like a reject song he just gave to Usher. It sounds like The-Dream in every way, but it’s Usher.. it’s almost weird.

  6. thearmoredstereo Says:

    Now that I think about it, I does remind me of some of the stuff of The-Dream’s album, but I still like it.

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