Review: New Kids On The Block – Summertime (Single)

“Summertime” is the first single off of the New Kids On The Block’s yet to be titled reunion album. The single will be released on May 13 and will be the first new music released by the group since 1994. The song is expected to be one of the closest sounding tracks to the group’s earlier sound also mixing in doo-wop vocals with a reggae rhythm. (Billboard)

I’m not familiar with New Kids On The Block, but I don’t think anyone within the target audience for their new single “Summertime” is either. These, not-so-new, kids landed their last #1 hit back in 1990 with the song “Step By Step”. And, as far as today’s pop radio crowd goes, I’m pretty sure that was before most of the listener’s time. But they seem to be working hard at releasing another smash hit in 2008, but will this song get the job done?

It’s a sweet song with cute lyrics and a nice tune, but I feel like I’ve heard it before. It’s about some dude’s summer romance with a girl that he still reminisces about, but what’s funny about it is that the men from New Kids On The Block might actually be in touch with these lyrics. The situation is so universal and timeless that they can use it to connect with a younger audience without singing about things that they are no longer familiar with, like the fast-paced club life or looking fresh and picking up massive amounts of girls. But heaven forbid their entire album be a retrospective of their younger years. That would be kind of strange. Actually, that might make for a neat concept album.

Anyways; I don’t think it’s gonna be their comeback hit, but it’s a good foundation for things to come. I feel like they have the potential to score another number one, even after fourteen years of absence, if only because anyone can see success if they look right, hook up with some great producers, and make smart decisions.

I’m rooting for the boys! And this song is okay, but they had better bring the heat next time.


KEEPERS: “Summertime”


2 Responses to “Review: New Kids On The Block – Summertime (Single)”

  1. I’m thrilled that they are back and they have brought the fans from their first run with them. They have grown up to love them and will embrace any music they put out. Part of it may be nostalgic but the teen fans are now adults with memories they want stirred. I’m one of them!

  2. They really made a comeback, I never liked them before but now I love them. Donnie is amazing

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