Review: Jesse McCartney – Departure

DepartureDeparture is Jesse McCartney’s third studio album and has a release date of May 20, 2008. It features production from The Neptunes, Kwamé, and The Clutch, among others.

Leavin’” was the album’s first single and, somehow, debuted at #14 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. It introduced the world to his new style, but made a bad first impression as far as I’m concerned. However, songs like “It’s Over” make me less skeptical about his change of pace. This song had me sold within the first ten seconds, and continued to hold my interest throughout. It’s rather generic, but after listening to “Leavin'” it’s a complete breath of fresh air.

Into Ya” is definately one of the better songs on the album. It reminds us that Jesse is older than he looks, and that you don’t have to be J. Holiday to pull off a song that sounds like “Bed”. But, while there are similarities between the two tracks, it gracefully escapes feeling like a rehash and giving me a headache.

Make Up” annoyed me at first, but grew on me after multiple listens. The vocals aren’t exactly exciting, but it has a hot beat, which Kwamé did. It also has the potential to do well on the radio, but they are going to have to chop a minute off of the song to keep it from getting boring.

Another track with strong production is “Told You So“, which Jesse can thank Eric Hudson for. In this song, Jesse finally mixes his pop stylings with his new-found R&B edge, which really shines on the track “Runnin’“.

It has enough swagger to compete with the rest of today’s R&B chart-toppers and is possibly the strongest track on the album.

Not Your Enemy” is a bit of a roller coaster. It has me dropping my jaw at some parts, but falling asleep at others. It’s painfully inconsistent and really makes for a rough closing of the album.

I’m interested to see how well this album does, as it has the potential to succeed or fail miserably. It causes me to wonder whether Jesse has sold out, doing R&B to get on the charts, or if he is just finally exposing us to his true self.


KEEPERS: “It’s Over”, “Into Ya”, “Make Up”, “Told You So”, “Runnin'”

What do you think about this album? Do you agree with this review?


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