Review: Cherish – The Truth

The Truth (COVER)The Truth is Cherish’s sophomore album and is set with a release date of May 13, 2008. It features production from the likes Don Vito, Tricky Stewart, and Jazze Pha. And according to Neosha, a member of the group, writing credits are to be given to the girls of Cherish and Terius “The-Dream” Nash. (

Out of anticipation of the fulfillment of the promise for a great album that “Killa” made, I was thoroughly disappointed by this CD. Mostly due to its one major flaw; Cherish doing ballads and slow songs = NO. Well, at least, Cherish doing bland, uninspired, ballads = NO. Songs like “Amnesia“, which was an awful choice for the second single, and “Only One” leave me wondering exactly what Cherish was trying to accomplish with this album. It seems like they mistook maturity for boredom.

As simple as it is, “I Ain’t Trippin’” runs circles around everything that comes after it, and it’s only the second song on the disc. It isn’t groundbreaking or innovative, but it has a solid hook, strong vocals, and lyrics that don’t sound like they were ripped from the pages of a confused thirteen year old girl’s diary; elements that most of the songs on this album were missing.

Love Sick” came close to saving this mess of an album, but ended up being the most painful track of all. But not because it was bad: It opens with a solid build up, one of the girl’s voices comes in, I won’t name her because they all sound the same anyway, and she’s really meshing with the track. It sounds good. But leave it to the chorus to tear this song to pieces. “Love Sick” fell apart so fast that I thought I had accidentally clicked back to “Only One”. Cherish let their only chance at saving this disc from failure crash and burn; leaving a horrible sensation in my ears that took hours to get rid of.

In the end, Cherish went wrong recording too many ballads and mid-tempos and forget to put the energy they gave to “Killa” into the rest of the tracks on the album. I really wanted to enjoy The Truth, but I came away bitter and disappointed.


KEEPERS: “Killa (feat. Yung Joc)”, “I Ain’t Trippin'”


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